Funny Tales From Record Shop Chain Stores - HMV, Our Price, Virgin etc

 GENUINE THINGS PEOPLE HAVE ASKED FOR IN RECORD SHOPS HAVE YOU GOT? •    No mule you fool – Elkie Brookes – No more the Fool •    Buddy Holly sings the Beatles •    Andy Roo – Andre Rieu •    The Arctic Gorillaz •    The Edison Lighthouse Family •    Barclay James Harvester •    The one sung by the pretty blonde and the guy who jumps about •    The Loneliest Monk – Thelonious Monk •    Coldplay – Parrott Eyes •    My son asked me to pick up the new Limp Wristed CD. Many independent record shop owners started their career at HMV including Dave Minns, the owner of Borderline Records in Brighton.   When he worked at the Brighton branch of HMV he always encouraged the staff to think for themselves and to put into action anything they thought that would help increase sales.   One busy afternoon he noticed that the Van Morrison section was empty.   Thinking somebody had stolen the whole section Dave checked with the security staff and quizzed them if they had seen anything.   Nobody had so h

The Vinyl Revival and the Shops That Made it Happen - Great Christmas present for any music fan

  ‘The Vinyl Revival and the Shops That Made It Happen is the story of the vinyl revival through the eyes of those who made it happen, the independent record shops.   It explains why we have more than a hundred more record shops than we had in 2009, and how others have gained the reward from their hard work. Budget turntable, manufactures, supermarkets, chain stores, clothes shops pressing plants and even the government are amongst the many who have benefited from their efforts. Graham Jones has spent 32 years travelling the UK selling to independent record shops and visited more record shops than any other human. This book guides you around the record shops of the UK who sell new vinyl. He has gathered some fasicnating and funny anecdotes told him by our much-loved record shops so that when you visit you will feel like you already know the characters behind the counter. It is perfect for vinyl fans to keep with them on their travels around the country. Intriguing anecdotes include.